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Here for a Gorgeous You

"First time threading AND at this business. Excellent experience. The location was relaxing, clean, and it's walk-in welcome. My eyes brows feel look and amazing. I appreciate the massage at the end with rose petal water, which smells so good. Absolutely coming back again!"  Yelp Review by Sara S.

"I had an extremely positive first threading thanks to Gina.  I was really apprehensive because I did not really know what to expect.  I've gotten my brows waxed regularly for over a decade, but the skin in my eye area has gotten more sensitive to burning, tearing, and break outs after waxing.  Gina was really informative and receptive to how I wanted my brows to look.  She kept up an even pace of conversation, and the experience was relaxing and spa-like, especially with the rose water massage at the end.  I will definitely be back.  They also offer your 6th threading free if you have a card.  My coworker complimented the shape of my brows the next day!  After threading, my brow area was a little bit red and I did get one small acne.  I do have extremely sensitive facial skin though." Yelp Review by Xtine B.

Diamond Earrings
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